You would like to have the important moments in your life documented…


but you are camera shy? or maybe you just don’t enjoy posing?

Then, you are at the right place; take a look below and see how i can help you.

a little something

About You

If you are anything like me, you want to keep things simple…so let’s see if i can figure you out…

  • You find “different” to be better than “better”…
  • You don’t give a flying rats about what others think, because you know that who you are matters more than how you look…
  • You’d rather live your wedding rather than be bossed around for hours and be told how to smile or keep your chin up…
  • Your life is about F*** YEAH!! moments…

Sounds like you?! That’s a good start, so…

“I like to get close to my subjects and be in the moment with them”

Fabrizio Cocchiano

a little something

About Me

I am Fabrizio… i am a photographer. Born in Genova…”Bella Italia!”, i moved to Switzerland when i was about 7; Coconut Grove (Miami area) is now what i call home and where i live with my beautiful wife Susan (after >20 years together, she knows how to drive me nuts, but damn…do i love her!), our teenager son Luca and our fun, crazy and fuzzy dog Gigio.

Life is short people…i am a passionate guy and if a project doesn’t feel like “F*** YEAH!!”, i don’t bother.

Okayy…since i have not scared you away yet, we will get along fine…


what to expect

my shooting


There will be no posing or directing on my part…i will document your wedding or family life as it naturally unfolds; just true, honest and unfiltered photography. I will capture your story “the way it is”.

Every time you and your family review your photo album, you will remember that day “the way it felt”.

I like to get close to my subjects (street style), while remaining very discrete…how you laughed, felt and partied will all be captured.

While you will probably not even notice my presence (you will for sure once the music starts pumping!), i will be using all my senses while mingling with everyone to create beautiful images.

Gear, technique, vision an creativity are all very important ingredients to create beautiful images, but photographing people takes more that just operating a camera.

A good documentary wedding and family shooter can soothe cranky children, calm overbearing family members while still capturing these fleeting but important and often unnoticed decisive moments.

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living passionately

still with me?!

get in touch then!